Common MBA Interview Questions

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While preparing for MBA Entrance test the candidate has to go through Interview at the later stage of the admission. While preparing for interview the aspirant need to consider the following points. Generally the interviewer asked question about the previous education, professional experience, extra-c curricular activities and reason for doing MBA from the student.
Under the head of previous education the common question asked are what school did you study and from where. What was your major subject of study during your academics? What is your overall percentage of marks and what grades did you get during your academics? In what extracurricular activities did you participate and what was your contribution in that? What did you finance in your education?

Regarding the professional experience the following question can be asked on the following points. Can you briefly describe your career growth till date? What are your long-term career goals? What factor helps you to decide your career goals and what factors demotivate you in achieving your career goals. Can you tell us some details about the responsibility of an MBA? Describe a typical working day in your words. What are your strength and weakness? How can you increase your efficiency and effectively? Regarding extracurricular activities the general question which can be asked from an interviewer is hobbies, interest and the favorite sport of yours and what you learn from your interest in your personal life.

Some of the most crucial question asked during an interview is related to reason of doing MBA. The most commonly question asked are why you want to get MBA degree are following. Where you see yourself in the coming five years. What do you expect to get after getting the degree of MBA? Apart from applying here what other schools have you applied for admission? Which is your dream MBA institute for getting admission? What do you do if you are not selected in MBA College you are applying for? What would you contribute to this institute if you get admission in this school?

There are some question in MBA’s interviews which are related to character and values of the aspirants. Most commonly question asked related to values and character of the candidate are- Tell me something about yourself? How your friends describe you. What is your main strength? What are your main weaknesses? What are your expertise areas? What culture you adopt. What are your success mantras and why?

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Common MBA Interview Questions

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Common MBA Interview Questions

This article was published on 2011/03/05