Difference Between Essays And Research Papers

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Students in schools, colleges and universities often get confused by two pieces of writing that are essays and research papers. It is very much important to clearly distinguish between two as they both have quite different sorts of requirements and arrangements. As far as, research assignments ask for a paper based on research and mainly present and defend an argument or analyze a particular perspective supported with evidences. Whatever topic you choose to present, you need to strengthen the topic and formulate a related debate by others views and opinions.

Main objective is to investigate an idea with the support of other’s views in order to originate your own ideas. Research is a vast field and totally depends upon researcher view point that how he initiates and proceeds a debate according to his perception but must have support of relevant evidences. It is a more enlightened kind of writing but with heavy and stern requirements.

On the other hand, essay is a short paper written on a specific topic and anything can be essay as it is based on personal voice, purpose of an essay is to focus on one question and whole essay is written to answer that question. It can be of various types like narrative, descriptive, elaborative and analytical etc, usually writer select the tone of an essay according to the topic demand. Generally essays contain introduction, main body and conclusion.

The main divergence between research papers and essay is that a research paper is typically much longer. It is all about interpretation of a writer, with a research paper writer would have more chances to put his analysis, interpretation of the facts and perception into his writing because these assignments provide a wide field to present and introduce one’s personal thoughts about an idea and diverse methodologies to prove its validity and effectiveness.An essay is usually comprised of four or five paragraphs and serves to answer a question whereas research papers analyze and argue a point. More over, a research paper need others views to prove a certain stance but an essay is largely dependant upon one’s own thoughts and experiences.

Research needs sufficient information searching as it is a long assignment; writer has to explore the most relevant information regarding the topic because it is necessary to formulate a viewpoint by using other thoughts and ideas. There are certain defined methods to include and cite them into the text. Reference section or bibliography is an essential component of research paper in order to prove the authenticity of research whereas essay can be formulated on any topic and there are not any strict guidelines about the references because it is mainly written according to the writer’s personal opinion.

Research papers topics are real matter of concern because research topic must have potential to generate rational and logical knowledge as generalization is not acceptable in these assignments. When students ask to deal with these assignments, they have to be clear about their distinct presentation, procedure and methodology because it is very essential in order to justifiably accomplish the task.

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Difference Between Essays And Research Papers

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This article was published on 2012/04/13