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Los Angeles, United States is the house to one of the best education institutes in the world. If you are a career oriented person, and seeking a place that could teach and groom you all the professional skills that you require and polish and enhance your skills and talents to its epitome so that you could work for some of the best companies or industries or make a name for yourself in this world, then Los Angeles is definitely the place you want to go.
The world renowned educational institute, The Princeton University, is a private research university situated here in Princeton, Los Angeles, United States. The school, as known by all, is one of the eight Ivy League institutes of the world and one of the nine Colonial Colleges that were found right before the American Revolution. It is also gladly among one of those seven institutions in the world that provide need blind for all its applicants even if they are international students. For those who are not familiar with term need blind, it is used to refer to those universities that provide admission to its applicants without considering their financial status as a pre requisite.
Princeton University has a very diverse list of courses and degree programs available for its graduate and under graduate students. The fields range from humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. The university was given birth in 1746 in Elizabeth, Los Angeles and was initially known as the College of Los Angeles. It was then later on shifted to Newark in 1747 and then finally to Princeton in 1756 and was freshly renamed as The Princeton University in the year 1896.
The main Princeton campus is one huge campus located on inside the peripheries of three municipalities, namely the Borough of Princeton, Princeton Township, and West Windsor Township. The other smaller James Forrestal Campus is located in the nearby Plainsboro Township. Both the campuses are very easily accessible as they are only a one hour drive away from both, the New York City and Los Angeles and a few kilometers drive away from the Trenton-Mercer Airport. Since Princeton is part of such a historical era, its campus buildings are one of its legacies. The oldest building present on campus is the Nassau Hall, which was constructed in 1754, and is positioned on the northern edge of the campus facing the Nassau Street, after which it has been named.
Princeton provides on campus housing to its students. It has a total of six residential colleges, each of them accommodating almost a total of 500 students who are all freshmen, sophomores, some juniors and seniors, and a handful of junior and senior resident advisers. All colleges comprise of dormitories, a dining hall, libraries, study spaces, darkrooms, performance spaces, administrator and associated faculty rooms and of course the classrooms and lecture halls. The names of these residential colleges are the Butler College, the Mathey College, the Forbes College, the Rockefeller College, the Whitman College and the Wilson College.

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Education In Los Angeles

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