Good relations in this world are gifts of GOD

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In this article, I wanted to tell you that life is of very short period of time, we should not get angry on any human. It has been observed that most of the people get anger from their friends, brothers, sisters, loved ones and even with their childhood friends.  This is definitely wrong and in this way you are spoiling your own relations by your hands. Good relations in this world are gifts of GOD and instead of saying sorry or apologize with someone; we should not remain get anger on our loved ones. Most of the people do not say sorry first, even they will recognized that I am wrong, but even then they will not ask sorry first. People’s perception is this that, if they will say sorry first then their status will be down, but let me clear you this point that this perception is wrong. The person who forgives someone is the bigger person than the person who does not forgive till yet.

Let me tell you one story of mine. I had a girl friend; we used to chat, we used to discuss our personal matters, family matters, we used to study together and we had lots of fun also. I used to think that my girlfriend understand me a lot, But it was not like that. I used to tell her all ups and downs of my life because I used to think that she understands my problems and my feelings. I was very busy because of my Job and I was also the member of reliable essay writing service company. This company provides essay writing help to the students who want to buy essay online. I was unable to give time to her. Suddenly, her attitude started to change. She wanted me to give her a time, but as I was dam busy so that is why it was bit difficult to give her time those days. I realized that she is getting angry from me by heart. As I used to love her, and I still love her only so this kind of feelings automatically generated that you realize that the specific person is getting angry by heart.

I personally did not like this itchy behavior of my girl friend. I had a perception that; if she says that she understands me and my feelings then what is wrong with her right now? Why does she not understand my problems? If she was not able to understand my problem then why did she say that I understand your problem?  She was getting seriously angry by heart, so I started to ignore her. When she realized that I am continuously ignoring her, then she got break up with me. After few months she texted me, “SLrry.” then I asked all of the above questioned to her. Believe me, she did not have any answers of my questions and she was saying sorry, sorry and sorry.

With this behavior of both; me and my girlfriend, it is proved that I was right and she was wrong but what did we earn in proving this? Answer is: We earned the gap of 3 months, that’s it. So dear friends do not let others be ruined to you just because of a small word sorry. Remember that you will more deserve one than the one who does not commit sorry first. I realized that, “BEING SORRY FIRST, IS THE HIGHEST ACT OF GJJD MAN.”

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Good relations in this world are gifts of GOD

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Good relations in this world are gifts of GOD

This article was published on 2012/05/09