Home schooling High School and Wondering about College

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Most people don't know that colleges are recruiting home schoolers. We sometimes think since we are home schooling, we are really different and odd. We wonder how we are going to be able to convince the colleges that they would like our children. It commonly winds up being the other way around. Colleges are seeking home schoolers, although they find us a little difficult to find.

Whenever you look through your home school magazines you will discover advertisements that are put there by colleges. If you are on Facebook, you might find ads for colleges that want your home school kids. They are everywhere.

One of the methods to be certain colleges will recruit you is to notify them that you are a home schooler. The easiest means to let them know is to have your child take the PSAT when they are a sophomore or a junior. It will ask them what their high school is, and you can have your child enter in the homeschool code. Colleges will start to send your child mail, informing them that they would like them at their college.

Visiting colleges can be very important as the colleges begin approaching you. It is very important that you take your high school students to visit the colleges where they think that they could possibly attend.

Colleges change with time. I recall speaking with one of my friends about the college that my children were going to and how my son had organized a Jane Austen themed dance. She was really surprised since when she attended that same school no one was permitted to dance. This particular college had altered with time.

Although I happen to be so delighted with the college experience of my children, our college will also change over time. Even when you know the reputation of the college, you will still need to pay a visit to it given that it could change. Despite the fact that it has been great up to now, it can transform into something you do not value. On the flip side, you might go for a visit and find out you like it even more.

You really can not tell everything about the college by taking a look at the college brochure. You definitely need to read everything you can regarding the college to see if it is even worth a visit. If you think that it could possibly be a good match for your child, then you definitely need to visit to ensure what you have read is accurate.

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Home schooling High School and Wondering about College

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Home schooling High School and Wondering about College

This article was published on 2012/03/09