How to Get a Girlfriend in College - Get a Girlfriend While You Study

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As a guy going through college, you may sometimes wonder, How to get a girlfriend in college? I mean it sounds all easy right? Girls are everywhere on campus whether it is at college parties, during lectures, in the library or the students bar. But as a guy going through college you may lack experience of having girlfriends. You may have dated the odd one or two girls in the past. You may still feel shy or a bit reserved towards meeting new girls. Do you feel you have problems dating girls? The good news is, you are normal. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel. Most guys during college are going through the same feelings and emotions as you are. They also lack dating and relationship experience. They will never tell you that and will most likely say things like 'I have had quite a few experiences with women'. A couple of words of advice. Don't believe the hype or get pressured by anyone! You are looking to get a girlfriend, this is all about you.

Here are some tips for getting a girlfriend whilst in college.

  1. Don't worry about what others think of you. What matters is what you think of yourself. Looks, appearance does help but being confident about yourself is a magnet with women
  2. There is nothing wrong with being inexperienced at 18. Don't get pressured by anyone.
  3. Make friends and network. Girls will eventually come
  4. Don't look too desperate. Take your time, it's about you and the relationship you want to be in
  5. Don't get hung over the one girl. If she has a boyfriend move on. Become just friends with her. Again keep meeting people and getting to know them
  6. Use facebook, myspace or twitter but try to physically get yourself out and about more during free time
  7. Join clubs and activities you may be interested in. You may meet girls that have the same interests as you
  8. Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. The girl should be interested in you and not what you are pretending to be.

College is a time to educate and have some fun on the way. Enjoy your time during college and don't take life too seriously just yet in relation to women!
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Are you going through college and now looking to get a girlfriend? Do you want to hang out with that someone special? You can learn how to meet girls in college and approach them with confidence. Change that 'Girl' friend to "Girlfriend" and be successful with girls you like and may want to be with, starting from today.

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How to Get a Girlfriend in College - Get a Girlfriend While You Study

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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