On Academic Probation: 5 Reasons For Failing In College Classes

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If you’re on academic probation because you’re failing in college (or someone you care about), here are 5 reasons why to give you more understanding.


College students bang their heads against the wall thinking old study skills that got them by in high school are enough. Failing a college class becomes a slap in the face. Then academic probation comes like being tossed in a tub of ice water.

Funny thing about having bad grades, you tend to attract others who have bad grades. Misery loves company. So don’t be surprised if your academic life turns from bad to worse.


Unless you’re channeling the spirit of Bruce Lee (or Chuck Norris), you’re gonna feel overwhelmed when attacked from all sides. When classes pile on homework, deadlines, exams, and force you through hoop after countless hoop (all at the same time)… It can drive a student mad.

In college, apart from making your family proud, there’s money on the line. This isn’t just “$20 dollars says my kid’s gonna graduate.” American Institutes for Research in October 2010 found it costs each student an average $16,138 per year inside non-profit public & private 4-year colleges. Whoever is paying is betting you won’t screw it all up (no pressure).


Loneliness hits many who first move to college. In high school you’re locked up with the same people for 4 years. There’s no escaping them. If you’re in the same space with someone EVERY DAY…you’re gonna get to know them one way or another.

College doesn’t sardine students together the same way. So you if you don’t know how to make friends without being cell mates, get ready for a lonely road ahead.


With grades slipping and feeling isolated (even with hundreds of around you), depression is waiting around the corner. This is the “life sucks because of circumstances” type of depression (not medical). If circumstances changed the depression would go away.

Many students try to escape the depression by spacing out on the internet, using drugs, or other self-defeating behaviors.

Ultimately feeling like a failure, with grades to prove it, causes students to drop out. Humiliated, they stumble back home trying to explain their situation (and get their old rooms back).


I haven’t met a student who came for my help planning to fail in college.

During all those months before, students aren’t thinking, “Golly, I’m looking forward to feeling like an overwhelmed rotten sack of crap. Plus what a great way to flush all this money down the toilet! Finally I can throw away these annoying dreams.”


Surprisingly, failing in college stems a lot from lacking study skills. If you had ninja like study skills, would you feel as overwhelmed? Would you isolate yourself less if you weren’t failing? Would you feel better with good grades and healthy friends? With all this changed, wouldn’t you be able to confidently make choices about your future?

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On Academic Probation: 5 Reasons For Failing In College Classes

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On Academic Probation: 5 Reasons For Failing In College Classes

This article was published on 2011/07/04